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TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES is a mental health and community focused agency that is rooted under the foundation of God, Love, Family, Compassion, and Understanding. The experience at TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES spans in the mental health/social work industry for over 13 years. The clinicians are dedicated to serving those who desire to improve their quality of life and are passionate about helping to rebuild the lives of families and individuals alike.

TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES works diligently with our clients, treating each one as if they are our only. We search for ways to help our clients elevate themselves; assuring that they reach their full potential.


The clinicians are driven and motivated. Our passion inspires life changes within our clients. We help to meet the goals some have always longed to achieve, but never believed they could. We believe all individuals have the ability to achieve greatness.


TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES approaches all clients without judgment. We truly believe everyone deserves a second chance and every life is important. We embrace each individual as if they are like a close family member or friend. TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES believes  everyone can achieve their dreams, and no one is relegated to living a life of despair, anxiety, fear, or depression. We believe there is true hope and restoration for all.


TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES specializes in providing Individual, Family, and Group Counseling services. These services include but are not limited to: Adults, Adolescents, Children, Family Preservation, Family Conflict, and Pre & Post Marital concerns. We have a passionate dedication to everyone in need, regardless of income, faith, history, race, or sexual orientation.


At TOTAL FAMILY AND LIFE SERVICES, a person is a person, and all people deserve to be loved, have hope, feel safe, secure, and happy. Let's work together to overcome any challenge!

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Office located in Metro Atlanta area


Ebone D. Coakley, LCSW

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